Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To teach, to motivate, to inspire

Today at the teachers' training we were called upon to share what inspires us. Because good teachers teach, better teachers motivate and the best teachers inspires.

Sure, lots of things are inspiring.

How His love letters are so so intriguing and always makes me wonder of His awesomeness of His creation.

How the Prophet is so so calm when facing all unthinkable hardships.

How my mom keeps going and going despite all the difficulties she has been facing. How she is standing strong to strengthen us her kids and our dad.

How my dad used to give all he has for us his kids, just to see us thrive and survive.

How my husband manages us and juggles his time between his studies, his family and da'wah.

How my daughter looks up to me and depends on me for everything..

And to put it lightly, it seems that I have this habit of quoting quotes that I find insipiring from books I read and movies I see.

When the great Sven says: If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours!

See, the thing is, lots of things can inspire you. Its a matter of you being inspired or not.. 0_O

Saturday, December 3, 2011


If we count the favours of the Almighty upon us and ponder over them carefully, they will eclipse the difficulties we may be facing. Whenever we go through some hardship whether long or short term, we tend to become totally oblivious of the countless bounties of the Almighty upon us.

Nobody on earth can claim to have no trials, hardships or tests. The difference is mainly connected to how each individual deals with his or her tests and trials. Some never stop complaining whilst others come across very content although they may be going through an even greater test.

The secret is to develop our faith in the Almighty and His Mercy, be thankful for what we have and help ourselves by looking at those who are in a worse situation. This will most certainly assist us through the remainder of our lives and take us through to the next - with a smile! Aameen