Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Arrivals (Part 1-3)

Have you watched The Arrivals? This is what they say:

''This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi, and The Second Coming of The Christ.

A Work Inspired by Hashemsfilms and of Course the Words of the Noble Qoran, The Holy Bible, and The Torah, The Arrivals is a Joint Production by truthseekers Noreagaaa and Achernahr.''

Click here for the teaser. This shows the fight humans are going through. I watched the second part before I watched this video; it takes too long to download.

Click here for Part 2. It's about mind control featuring George Carlin. Who's George Carlin? I don't know. I wikied him and you can view this if you'd like to know more. He was arrested twice during his early days for his strong views. 

His remarks on human life was: "I think we're already 'circling the drain' as a species, and I'd love to see the circles get a little faster and a little shorter." True kan? The humans are living the vicious circle. Day in, day out doing the same things. Everyday. Well, that'll be another entry, I think.

Well, back to Part 2 of The Arrivals; I think its scarily true. How citizens are 'taught' to think by the government. How muslims are 'taught' to think by the West. The unwritten agenda of perang saraf, or ghazwatul fikr.

This is my humble opinion. I don't know what to think. I'd love to have some insights by Pakcik-Makcik or anyone else for that matter if I can.

It's on childrens' mind control. ''The proof of this is very easy to find. All you have to do is research who owns and runs the medias of the world. You'll find out that its the same type of minority that runs and survives on secret societies; zionists, luciferians, Jews. They own and run the music medias, movies, entertainment and porn industry''

Yes, you and I and our little brothers and sisters are being indoctrinated. The minute we turn on the TV, or switch on our lappys or PCs, or the pages we read.
This is the very reason why we must have strong faith. The reason why we join usrah, liqa', halaqah, programmes or whatever you call it. So we have our stand. Al-Quran dan Sunnah. Ahlil Sunnah wal Jamaah.

''One who stands for nothing will fall for anything'' That clip said. This is so true! Owh, and Dumbo and his mouse friend. That was scary. 

Thats it I think for now. I've only watch until Part 3. I'll continue some time later.

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