Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alone and scared?

I went through some unforgetful experience a few weeks ago..that could be FATAL and cost me my modesty which had the people that loves me worried sick. If not for the protection from the Almighty, then all could be worse.

My mom taught me of reading 'Laaila ha illa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minazzolimiin' at times when I am distressed, or a few hundred times during the day, if I remember. 

It was the sweetness of tawakkal and the doa. I was trembling. My heart beated as if I was running a 100m sprint. And the only one I hoped to was Him. 

I strongly advise all gurls, when we travel, especially when we're alone (and we can't help being alone sometimes, so don't blame us, got it?) to read this doa. Doa Nabi Yunus. And tawakkal. Better to be safe, than sorry. Allah will take care of us. Insya Allah.

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+akufobia+ said...

semoga DIA bersama kamu di kala senang+susah.