Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nak makan susah..nak minum pun susah..

He was struggling to hold a spoon with his right hand. The spoon has a large handle, easing him to grip while trying to scoop up pieces of uncooked macaroni. He scooped, lifted up the spoon and poured back the macaronis into its bowl.

I watched with interest.

The boy is around 14 years of age, has small yet a
sturdy looking body and a nice smile. He speaks slowly yet clearly, mixing Malay and English in the process. With his 'old-school' spectacles, he looked a little smart and cheeky at first glance.

He then tries to lift up an empty plastic cup to his mouth, imitating drinking. Done. Now he tries with another smaller plastic cup. He struggles a little. But managed.
'Cawan yang kecik ni susah sikit la kak..' He said, but repeats the exercise.
(This photo has nothing to do with the story :p)
Just a few months ago, this boy was running around the futsal court, happily and energetically kicking and chasing the ball with his friends. Little did he know that today, a simple task of eating and brushing his own teeth would be considered a major obstacle.

'Kak, Dr tadi suruh jalan jauh sangat..Rekod Dunia ni kak..huu' He said.
What he meant by 'Jalan jauh sangat' is 3 rooms away...

-Venue: Occupational Therapy Room
-The boy is suffering from rheumatoid athritis

-Kadangkala manusia seringkali terlupa mensyukuri nikmat-nikmat kecil kurniaan dan pinjaman yang Esa.
-Jangan putus asa untuk berusaha, rajinkan diri untuk isi roh kita supaya sentiasa bersemangat untuk 'bergerak'. Kemalasan kita adalah penyebab Islam ditindas...


Myra said...

Are you volunteering qyna?

nanami ichijo said...

Oh no akak. I went to the hospital today tuk teman abah do his regular therapies.

(I'd always loved to volunteer if I've d chance. Seeing other's hardships are like slaps to me.
"Wake up you pampered little princess!!" huhu)

Myra said...

oh okey. mane tau jadi candy stripper kat hospital.

nanami ichijo said...

hahaha.candy strippers are cool, dontcha think? you slowly and deliberately strip the candy, and watch the kids' beady and keen little eyes saying "hurry! hurry! I want my candy!! I want it now!!"