Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Comparing is competition's twin. And just as cancerous. Comparing yourself to others is nothing but bad news. Why? Because we're all on different development timetables. Socially, mentally, and physically.
Since we all bake differently, we shouldn't keep opening the oven door to see how well our cake is rising, compared to our neighbours, or our cake won't rise at all.
Although some of us is like the taugeh, which grows like the weed the moment its planted, others are like the bamboo tree,
which shows no growth in four years but grows ninety feet in year five.
I once heard it described this way: Life is like a great obstacle course. Each person has their own course, separated from every other course by tall walls. Your course comes complete with customized obstacle designed specifically for your personal growth. So what good does it do to climb the wall to see how well your neighbour is doing or to check out his obstacles compared to your own?

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(One) SiTi* said...

should we live the life, the way it should be..
or the way we want it to be?